da Vinci Live


da Vinci LIVE is the new online format in which we organise digital events at regular intervals and present the advantages of various product lines or techniques in exchange with artists or users.

Participation in these streams is free of charge. To stay informed about the dates, please subscribe to the following newsletter or follow us on our social media channels.

We look forward to exciting discussions with you.

Our next da Vinci LIVE dates:

Saturday, 17th July 2021 - 8.00 pm (CET) with the artist Uma Kelkar @umapaints 


da Vinci CEO Hermann Meyer talks with artist Uma Kelkar about her favorite CASANEO brushes on the road and in the studio. With live painting, brush strokes, tips and tricks for Urban Sketching.

About UMA KELKAR: Uma Kelkar is an award winning plein air artist - engineer with talents in other media including watercolor, ink, charcoal and Procreate. Her use of color harmony and composition gives her work its unique energy. Uma is a strong believer in cross pollination - she believes that being an engineer makes her a better artist and being an artist makes her a better engineer. Kelkar teaches and exhibits internationally and is also a solo and contributing author to half a dozen art books. She also volunteers with Urbansketchers. @umapaints www.umakelkar.com

If you want to order one of these products please check at your local da Vinci-retailer or Online shop. You can contact us by E-mail for any further questions: info@davinci-defet.com

Friday, 25th June 2021 - 4.00 pm (CET) with the artist Rabiyat Alieva @rabi__rabi


Rabi Alieva is a watercolour artist and designer who has completed various methods and techniques of drawing school. She is happy to share her experience of learning how to draw stunning watercolour works in a short time.



Link to her book: Die Kunst der Aquarellmalerei - das große Watercolor-Grundlagenwerk von Rabiyat Alieva