Brushes for 3D-printed objects

The 3D printing market offers professionals as well as amateurs completely new possibilities to set their creativity free.

Whether in the production of components or for private use - 3D printing is the trending topic at the moment.
For the shape of the printed objects there are no limits to the imagination.

In the meantime reasonably priced 3D printer are affordable for nearly everyone and enable therefore also the ambitious amateur artists to make models of any shape, of abstract as well as of figurative nature.

All these 3D printed objects have in common that they often have an unicolor surface, which can be considered for decorative purposes as a blank canvas or as a white piece of paper.

Especially for coloring these 3D printings the da Vinci Artist brushes company has created a special brush set, series 5203, which contains:

A mottler of our series 5073, size 20, for priming and area work, made of short and fine synthetic fibres.

3 round brushes of our well-known allround-series 5570, size 5/0, 0 and 4, for all detail work.
These brushes have gold synthetic fibres and short green transparent lacquered hexagonal handles.

Series 5203 Brush set for 3D printed objects

Brush set for 3D printed objects
one piece each: Series 5570 round, No 5/0, 0, 4, Series 5073, No. 20