Tablet brush da Vinci VIRTO

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In our digital world, more and more artists or Hobby artists take their tablet or smartphone to capture or sketch situations and impressions.

The da Vinci VIRTO Series 77 enables, in addition to a normal use as stylus, with its conductive and well-protected brush fibres, painting or drawing on a capacitive touch screen and therefore represents the ideal equipment for any tablet artist who wants to benefit from the known haptics and strokes of an artist brush on modern digital devices.

A short video shows the usage:


Further prodcut features are:

VIRTO - Tablet brush Series 77
On special request by many of our customers we have realized our ideas of a modern “virtual” brush. The result is a tool, which is haptically convenient, furnished with perfectly retractable, conducting brush fibres and finished with a touch-pen-nip. Available in singularily packaged.da Vinci Series 77 VIRTO - Tablet brush Series 77

Display VIRTO
filled with series 77
Contents: 9 brushes
da Vinci Series 4092-77 Display VIRTO