Nail Brushes

By using only selected hair and fibre qualities and taking advantage of the long-standing experience, our company has won in brushmaking over generations, we have produced reliable first-class brushes for all application fields in NAIL and NAIL-ART for several decades.

Fundamental to the manufacture of all our products is the careful selection, dressing and finishing of raw materials, above all of the highly appreciated winter tail hair of the male Kolinsky red sable “mustela sibirica”, with which our experienced staff is very conversant.

Since the development of high-quality artificial fibres, the production of synthetic brushes in our house has found special attention. In using and mixing different levels of diameters and taperings, we are producing finely tuned qualities for all application fields in NAIL and NAIL-ART.

This catalogue informs about our current assortment, especially about the latest developments, which we created in continous cooperation with renowned NAIL designers worldwide.