Nail brushes for the acrylic technique

For this technique in which a self-curing mixture of acrylic powder and liquid is applied, our Kolinsky red sable brushes, shaped with special care by our experts, have stood the test.

These elastic and stable natural hairs stand out by their excellent liquid absorbing capacity and needle-fine but strong tips. Therefore they are ideal for taking up the acrylic powder and for distributing it quickly and exactly.

Special attention is to be paid that the brush is washed out with a solvent in due time. The following treatment with our special nurturing soap maintains the brush hair elastic and smooth.


Nail brushes for the gel technique

For traceless application of these light-curing synthetics and gels, brushes made from filament mixtures with tapered tips are especially adequate. Especially our proven da Vinci Logo fibre mixtures have been appreciated for this application field during many years. Fibres of different diameters and lengths are tuned in an optimum way to provide highly elastic brushes with fine tips and/or exact strong square painting edges.

Especially round shaped brushes in small and extra small sizes are ideal for all NAIL-ART techniques.